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Rug Angels horse rug laundry is based near Liphook on the Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex border. We specialise in the cleaning and reproofing of horse rugs, whether they are heavy weight turnout rugs, stable rugs or fly sheets and coolers.


Using industrial machines and specifically manufactured detergents and re-proofing agents we can ensure that your rugs are restored to their full potential, protecting your horse against the elements once again.


Services at Rug Angels include: –

  • Collection & Delivery
  • De-hairing
  • Washing
  • Re-proofing
  • Drying


Rugs are returned in clear dust-proof bags for easy storage until they are needed


It isn't just rugs we clean but also ....

  • Boots – brushing, travel, bandages
  • Numnahs
  • Outwear clothing i.e waterproof jackets, trousers etc
  • Pet beds
  • Dog coats



And on the non-horsey side: -

  • Camping equipment
  • Rucksacks/ bags
  • Awnings


If there is anything not listed then please give us a call to see if we can help.


We are based near Liphook on the Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex border. Please contact us at Rug Angels to arrange collection or to discuss your cleaning needs.


Phone 07748 543121 or email us at


Rug repairs available, please ask for a quote.



Muddy, Filthy rugs?..... Rug Angels to the rescue!